Saturday 3 September 2011

Wedding dress progress to date

After all, the wedding dress making (the biggest project I've ever taken on!) is what inspired me to create this blog. So here's the progress to date:

Toile #1 made with cotton bedsheets.. 
I made a Simplicity 2959 (had to buy the pattern from the US but it's worth it) and cut a size 6. Here's what it looked like before any alterations:

I then made the following alterations:
  1. Taking it in at the seam - as it turned out to be too big;
  2. Adding length to the train;
  3. Making the bottom of the bodice more fitted - I didn't like how puffy it was;
  4. Changing into a lace-up back;
  5. Adding a waist stay
Here's how it turned out:

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