Monday, 20 May 2019

Dandelion Dandelion Dungarees

I've got yet another pair of Dandelion Dungarees. New and improved this time! See my last versions here and here
poppy and jazz dandelion dungarees
I found the most fitting fabric for these dungarees. A dandelion print French Terry for Dandelion dungarees. Need I say more? 

Onto the design changes and alterations. 

The last two versions were made in size 3-6m, which saw Freya through the winter months nicely, since they were fully lined and warm. For the summer months (and hopefully warmer weather) to come, I wanted something cooler and lighter, so I went with a bodice lining only this time. 

I also added cuffs at the ankles (shortened legs by 2cm, but added 4cm deep cuffs), in an attempt to maximise the longevity of these 9-12m dungarees whilst minimising any tripping hazard. 

If you were wondering how I constructed the dungarees with the bodice lining only, the very talented Melissa demonstrates it here much better than I ever could. 

poppy and jazz dandelion dungarees

Another change I made was raising the poppers so that they sit 1.5 inches higher, almost on the shoulders. As much as I loved the last 2 makes, if I were to nitpick, I wasn't entirely happy with how the straps were sitting. Also, the way the pattern is drafted is such that the front and back pattern pieces are identical; as a result, if you are using a directional fabric (which, let's face it, many cute children's fabrics are), the print on either front or back part of the strap will end up upside down. Raising the poppers by 1.5 inches (and cutting the straps as part of the back piece) addressed this. I used 2 sets of poppers again this time, again, for longevity of wear. 

Finally, I raised the centre back by an inch, as I prefer the look. 
poppy and jazz dandelion dungarees
I'm really pleased with how these dungarees turned out! I think Freya likes them, too! They are a little big on her at the moment (she's not yet 9 months, and these are extra long 9-12m) but I think she will grow into them nicely. By the way, I have a funny feeling that she's gonna develop a nice habit of "modelling"/wearing clothes that are slightly too big for her in the months and years to come, especially when they are made by mummy! 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Papercut Anima Joggers

I live in joggers. Before baby, and even more so, after baby. Changing into joggers from work clothes used to be the first thing I did when I came home. These days? I won't lie - sometimes I even pop out of the house in what I would consider a "nice" pair. It's all about lounging! 
It is quite surprising, therefore, that I had not sewed up a pair of joggers until now. Don't get me wrong. I had every intention of sewing joggers, for years in fact. Want proof? These joggers are sewn with a lovely sweatshirt fleece fabric that I bought for this project from the Garment District 4.5 years ago. I have no idea what's taken me so long! 
The pattern is the Papercut Anima Pant. It was a toss-up between this and the True Bias Hudson. Both have a modern tapered shape, cuffs, elasticated waistband and pockets, but I think the faux fly front swang it for me. I do, however, have the Hudson Men pattern in my (PDF) stash, so it'll be interesting to compare notes when I get to make a manly pair for my hubby. 
The construction was straightforward, even the faux fly was easy to follow. The only crisis was that when I shortened the legs, I took off a whopping 5 inches rather than the intended 2.5 inches. I blame baby brain! I almost threw the unfinished project in the bin. Seriously, there were almost tears. However, when I compared the length to a RTW pair of joggers that I love, I decided to soldier on, and applied minimal seam allowances when attaching the cuffs. And you know what? The length is actually perfect. It just begs the question - how short AM I?! 
The only other thing on the construction was that I was not 100% sure whether to use a stretch stitch when topstitching the waistband to create the channel for the tie. After testing it on some scrap fabric, I decided that a straight stitch would do the trick, stretching as a sew, especially given that my fabric isn't that stretchy to begin with. I'm pleased to report that it worked just fine. 
And here I am, in my comfy new Papercut outfit: Anima joggers teamed up with the Undercover nursing sweatshirt. Match made in heaven. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

More matching outfits!

Happy New Year, my dear readers and followers! May 2019 bring you great health, endless happiness and creativity! 

I'm kicking off 2019 by showing you more matching outfits, but I'll keep it short today, since you've seen it all before. It's another nursing sweatshirt and dungarees combo. 
First, the Papercut Undercover Hood. It's pretty much the same as the last version, except for the cropped length, and 9' "normal" (instead of 8' exposed) centred zippers this time. Click here for the tutorial on the nursing hack. 
The fabric is a marble effect loopback jersey in teal from Guthrie & Ghani (now out of stock/discontinued). I love the print, not only for its dramatic design, but also for the practicality of hiding the occasional stain that it will inevitably attract. 
There was change from my 1.6 metres of fabric, so naturally I decided to make something matching for Freya. 

To complement the marble effect fabric, I wanted something slightly different, but in a similar colourway. 
Fabric looking familiar? Yep, this is the combed cotton jersey that I used for the baby leggings. Whilst I cut the fabric strategically to leave out the stags for that project, I wanted a bit of festivity for these little dungarees.
And these dungarees knocked her socks off over Christmas. Literally. But I mean, what's not to like? Comfy, practical, and reversible dungarees, with a festive side and an everyday side. Who wouldn't love them? 
What sewing plans have you got for 2019? I expect some usual selfish makes in 2019 (hooray for no longer being constrained by the pregnancy wardrobe), plus even more selfless sewing. I mean, look at this little face... How can I resist? 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Baby leggings

Sewing for baby is addictive. It's quick, stash-busting, and oh so rewarding. The project I'm sharing with you today certainly ticks all of these boxes. But make no mistake - it was not all plain sailing.
Because this happened just as I was feeling all smug hemming up the legs of the first pair, in a lovely combed cotton jersey from Girl Charlee (now sold out). Hey, I'm about to complete an entire project during Freya's afternoon nap! Then bang, the sewing machine chewed a big hole in the leg, right at the last step of the whole thing.  
Once I've calmed down and fished the holey leggings out of the bin, I thought of cuffs. And I'm pleased that they worked out really well. 
Now pleased with my ability to think on my feet, I kept up the momentum and made another pair the following afternoon. This time I used a beautiful black merino wool jersey remnant, picked up from The Fabric Store when we were in Melbourne earlier this year. This was my first time working with merino wool jersey, and it was a breeze. I hope that the breathable, soft and thermal qualities of the wool jersey will make the black leggings great for layering and keeping Freya warm over the winter months. 
And this time I did complete the project within one (long) afternoon nap! 

The pattern I used was the Brindille & Twig Leggings, which was well drafted, with easy instructions. This was my first time using a Brindille & Twig pattern, and certainly won't be my last! I made both pairs in size 3-6 months, and they seem to be true to size. 
And that's it for now! Have a wonderful festive period, and I'll be back in the new year with more selfish and newfound selfless sewing

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Reversible baby dungarees - Poppy & Jazz Dandelion

poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
Having a baby is life changing. Shock horror, it has made me sew for someone other than myself. No, let me reword this -- it has actually made me want to sew for someone other than myself. I mean, look at these chubby cheeks... how can I not shower her with handmade outfits? 
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
I am partial to a good pair of baby dungarees. So when I saw the Poppy & Jazz Dandelion pattern by the wonderful Lisa at Sew Over It, I knew I had to make a few for Freya. I mean, they are reversible, which means two outfits in one. Bonus! 
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
And making baby clothes is seriously stash-busting. Remember my nursing sweatshirt? I didn't use up all the the multi-fleck fleece sweatshirt fabric, but what was left was nowhere near enough to make anything meaningful for me. But for baby? It opened up a whole host of opportunities. The fabric is warm and cosy (seriously, wearing the sweatshirt is like a giant hug), ideal for the main side of the dungarees, just as the weather turns colder.  
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible nursing sweatshirt papercut undercover
On the reverse, I used a stripy cotton interlock from my stash (what did I say about stash-busting?), as the orange matches some of the flecks in the sweatshirt fabric perfectly. Although slightly lighter in weight, this interlock is also super soft and cosy. I am confident that this pair of dungarees will keep bubs warm in the winter months without too much additional layering. 
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
I made these in size 3-6 months, so the dungarees are a little big on Freya right now. But I couldn't wait any longer to share the project with you! With the double poppers, and the rolled up hem, however, I can see these dungarees with decent longevity. 

The construction was straightforward, and only took a couple of evenings. The only thing that was new to me was the application of poppers, but this tutorial made it super easy. They are actually much quicker to insert than bottons/zips/other closures, and so practical for baby clothes. I inserted two rows on the straps (optional in the instructions), in the hope that the dungarees will grow with Freya for a short while. 
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
I really feel like the "selfless" sewing paid off. I mean, who doesn't love matching outfits? The only problem is that my dear husband is now feeling a bit left out, but sadly for him, my new-found generosity in sewing does not extend further than my offspring... After all, he is already lucky enough to have got not one, but two pairs of PJ bottoms out of me, in my 8 years of sewing ;)
poppy jazz dandelion baby dungarees reversible
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