Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Fit capsule 2021 Part 1 - Power Bra + Tempo leggings

Wow, I'm so pleased to be participating in the Greenstyle Fit Capsule challenge this year! I've been trying to make more activewear for some time, and this challenge was just what I needed to kick my arse into gear, whilst thinking about building that capsule wardrobe.  

greenstyle power sports bra psb tempo tights leggings fit capsule

Here is my first post on the Fit Capsule, showing off my new pair of Tempo tights, with a matching Power Sports BraI had bought this floral jungle fabric from Funki Fabrics, and matched it with this navy technical legging fabric from Frumble

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Getting active - Super G + Jalie 3247

Do you know how long I've been planning on sewing a set like this? 

Since June 2019, to be precise. Too long, in other words! I had sewn up the sports bra with some pole shorts then, and carefully put away the remnant of this amazing marl activewear fabric back in my stash, until the day I was ready to make matching leggings. 
Sure,  thought about those leggings in between other projects, but couldn't quite settle on the exact project. I really love the marl fabric, for its softness, sketchiness and recovery, but was worried that using only this fabric for an entire pair of leggings would be "too much". It's pretty jazzy in its own right, and make your eyes struggle to focus sometimes. 
Finally, last autumn, Tia Knight emailed about the new medium weight (280gsm) supplex that it started stocking (in addition to its lightweight supplex), and I jumped on the opportunity to buy some as soon as the newletter landed in my inbox. The navy and this marl worked beautifully together. 
After a lot of deliberation, I went with the Super G tights by Greenstyle Creations. As someone that enjoys yoga and aerial workouts (pole, sling etc), that huge "Lulu" gusset which allows for all sorts of ranges of motion sold the pattern to me. 

Monday, 11 January 2021

Matching cross-back aprons

Twinning with Freya is always awesome. 

I've been needing a new apron for some time, and given Freya's recent addiction to "baking", I saw an opportunity to be matchy matchy on a regular basis. 

hey june handmade allspice apron matching cross-back japanese
I was so happy to get my hands on this beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics chambray, which was just what I had in mind for this project! I used the brand spanking new FREE AllSpice apron pattern by Hey June Handmade for my version, and you can read all about how I've crafted Freya's, and how I added those oh-so-important grow-with-me options, on the Minerva website here!

Thursday, 7 January 2021

New workout/casual set - merino low back top and Brassie joggers

Do you do new year resolutions? Personally, I don't (mainly because I know I won't stick with it!), but I do believe in making new workout clothes for the new year. Anything for a bit of motivation, am I right? 

I've been trying my hand at sewing activewear for some time. I may not have featured a lot on my blog yet, but you may have seen a few projects on my instagram grid. So far, they've mainly been pole fitness-related, even including a couple of sets for a photoshoot, so it is definitely time to sew something sporty with more coverage! 

Introducing my new set for yoga, pole fitness warm-up/cool down, stretching and just generally lounging about. At a push, I'd be pretty pleased to wear these as PJs, too, I'm sure. 
low back merino p4p tulip tee greenstyle brassie joggers
It comprises a super colourful pair of Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations (one of the best places to go for activewear patterns, in my humble opinion), teamed with a low back top that I eked out of a rather tiny remnant of merino jersey which I picked up from the Fabric Store in Melbourne a few years ago (cos, you know, what else would you buy from a trip to Oz?). 

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

The Present Dress

"Why has Mummy turned into a present?" Exclaimed my 2 year-old daughter as I emerged with my newly sewn Ruska Knot Dress.
named clothing ruska knot dress
I'm not sure which way to take this really. Perhaps I should be pleased that the knot, which is the great design feature of this dress, was exactly that, a great feature, and one that's instantly noticeable. Or could this be that Freya had too many presents to open at Christmas, so much so that everything looks like a present now?

Anyway, Happy New Year, my dear readers. I do hope that 2021 turns out to be a better year for everyone! 

I'm starting 2021 with my very own Ruska Knot dress, from the Breaking Pattern book by Named Clothing. Read how I downloaded the pattern for free (hint, check out Love Sewing Magazine website), and how I altered and constructed it without instructions on Minerva :)
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