Sunday 4 July 2021

More activewear - Greenstyle Cavallo & Elevate (including Fit Capsule Part 2)

2018 was when I started dabbling in sewing activewear, and 2021 is the year it finally took off! Considering that I'm quite a bit less active right now (thanks multiple lockdowns!), it's quite surprising that I find myself rather addicted to making sporty outfits! 

greenstyle elevate crop cavallo leggings activewear supplex tactel
But it's not all plain sailing. These Greenstyle Cavallo leggings jammed my beloved coverstitch machine so much that I had to take it back to the dealer for repair/un-jamming. Worse still, I was mid reverse coverstitching inside the left trouser leg when the machine halted to a stop with a louse noise, and it was so jammed that I could not get the leg back out for the life of me! To my huge relief, both the machine and the fabric came back good as new. 
greenstyle elevate crop cavallo leggings activewear supplex tactel
That drama actually made me realise how fond I had grown to love my coverstitch machine, and how addicted I am now to sewing activewear. 
I had heard so much about these Cavallo leggings, and how genius they are as they have no in-seam. I rarely ride horses (it tends to be an activity that we undertake on holiday- the pattern comes with optional knee patches) and since I already owned the Tempo and Super G, I really wasn't sure if I needed another leggings pattern. But when I finally gave in, I am wondering where these leggings have been all my life! 

The back curve is flattering (even though a pain to coverstitch!) and the no in-seam is so comfortable! You don't know how much discomfort the in-seam can cause until you've tried without! 
greenstyle elevate crop cavallo leggings activewear supplex tactel
I find the Cavallo a little less compressive than the other two patterns, when made in the same sizes using the same fabric (albeit in different colours). These Cavallos are made in a Charcoal Supplex, size C (graded to D in calves). I chopped some lengths off at various points (above knees, below knees and at the hem) but could do with reducing a tiny bit more. I cut a high rise in the legs and high rise (rather than ultra high) in the waistband, and the wrinkling around the hips is telling me that a lower rise in the leg may have been better. A few things to tweak for the next pair, but this first pair is perfectly wearable. 

I also knocked up a little Elevate crop top in an Aubergine Tactel, in size C with low front and binding, and can't believe how quickly this came together! The cross-over band is so cool and flattering! 
greenstyle elevate overlay cavallo leggings activewear supplex

I also have a confession to make. I actually made an Elevate Overlay (which, by the way, comes in the same pattern as the crop top) as part of the Fit Capsule challenge in Feb 2021, and it's taken me 5 months to blog it! Since it goes so nicely with the leggings, I figured it was better late than never ;) 

greenstyle elevate overlay

I chose the V back, with a hem band, and made these in a Size C. I kind of wish I had sized down one, due to the loose knit fabric that I was using, which was beautiful, but didn't have great recovery. I had to remove quite a bit of length from the bottom, because, well, I only had 1m of this stripy fabric. Thankfully, I am a rather petite 5'3, so this worked well. 

I love the shape of the overlay, and the little drop shoulder detail. I also love the idea of being able to wear the back as front, even though the only way I could get that to work without too much gaping was by hand tacking the cross-over together. I like the resulting V shape, and prefers this to adding the little tie across the top to help.

greenstyle elevate crop overlay cavallo leggings

So there you have it, my new activewear outfit! I love how it all fits together, even though the leggings almost broke my coverstitch machine! I'm off to plan more makes! 


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