Tuesday 23 February 2021

Fit capsule 2021 Part 1 - Power Bra + Tempo leggings

Wow, I'm so pleased to be participating in the Greenstyle Fit Capsule challenge this year! I've been trying to make more activewear for some time, and this challenge was just what I needed to kick my arse into gear, whilst thinking about building that capsule wardrobe.  

greenstyle power sports bra psb tempo tights leggings fit capsule

Here is my first post on the Fit Capsule, showing off my new pair of Tempo tights, with a matching Power Sports BraI had bought this floral jungle fabric from Funki Fabrics, and matched it with this navy technical legging fabric from Frumble
I love the navy fabric, which is a nice weight at 240gsm, and I am happy to have discovered a new-to-me fabric shop in the process. Whilst I really like that print from Funki, I did have a bit of trouble with the fabric and the customer service. It looks like the fabric got a bit creased as it was printed, so there were a few printing faults on it. It wasn't the most noticeable, and as a result I didn't see it until about a month after receiving it. When I got in touch with the company politely, they referred me to their terms and conditions, which asks that you return any faulty product within 7 days, and that because it was outside of that window, there was absolutely nothing that they could do. 

Seriously? Funki Fabrics? Having been a loyal customer for some time, and a big fan of their great print options, this was disappointing. However, I tried not to let that put me off the project, and cut around the faults where I could. Shall we just call it character? 
greenstyle power sports bra psb tempo tights leggings fit capsule
With that out of the way, shall we talk about the Power Bra, otherwise affectionately nicknamed the PSB?

I have had my eyes on the PSB for soooo long, and finally took the plunge. The best thing? It has all the options, plus lots of hacks on the Greenstyle blog and beyond. Could this be the perfect sports bra base, from which I could make all my future exercise bras/pole tops?  

I made the strappy cross-back and high coverage front version. I watched the amazingly helpful sew-along by Sewing with Sarah, who, basically, held my hand through this process.  

Oh, by the way, this is a size 30C. If this is not a reason alone to make your own sports bra, I seriously don't know what is! 

For an extra little detail, I coverstitched the seams on the bra and the band. This helps the seams lie nicely, and also reduces the stress on the seams, so that the "construction thread" (left thread on your overlocker) is much more invisible. 

Next up, the Tempo leggings. 
greenstyle power sports bra psb tempo tights leggings fit capsule
The heart-shaped back isn't actually that obvious with my fabric and thread choices (the latter for the topstitching), but let me assure you that it is a lovely detail, even though not the easiest to sew neatly. 

Guys, this pattern includes different height options in completely different files! Isn't that a genius idea? I would probably not have fancied shortening all the pieces on this pattern, and my needs were pre-empted and met. 

I cut a size C in petite, graded to D at the waist and my calves. I also watched Sharon's sew-along, which helped no end! She has such a warm tone, and knows exactly where I need that extra bit of detail which I couldn't find in the instructions. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have gone with the ultra-high rise waistband, for example. And yes, of course I need those pockets!! I scooped out the front crotch by 1/8, and included clear elastic in the waist seam. 
greenstyle power sports bra psb tempo tights leggings fit capsule
I also reverse coverstitched the Tempo seams. I opted out of reverse coverstitching the inseam, though, mainly because I didn't want to interrupt the pattern around the knees, but also because I didn't fancy all that shuffling... I would say that compared to the Super Gs, the top stitching on the Tempo was much, much easier to do. Choosing a matching thread certainly helps, too! 

Let me close by saying just how happy I am to have found workout patterns that fit me well. I am most excited about the opportunities the PSB brings. It is scrap busting, with a multitude of options, and I can see myself making a sports bra to matching every pair of leggings that I make! And did I tell you that I am now a C-cup? ;) 

I will have a couple more items for the Fit Capsule in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned! 

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