Thursday 8 September 2011

Watercolour CDD

As a break from the wedding dress project, I decided to make another coffee date dress, except that this time with some pretty watercolour fabric! I got the fabric from the remnant box at shepherd's bush which is just over 1m in length. I don't know how I managed to cut out all the pieces on such a tiny bit of fabric (well... I do... I shortened the skirt and omitted the ruffle which gave me a lot of trouble last time round) but I do like what I ended up with!


  1. Hi, liked the outcome of your coffee dress too! I'm currently trying to self learn sewing. Would like to attempt a dress soon. Yours look look such a perfect fit. Can i know did the pattern u've gotten frm burdastyle fits you or you have to do some adjustments. Able to tell me what's your pattern size u've gotten? I'm quite unsure whether the size measurements indicated really fits. Tks

  2. Hi,thank you for your kind words. The coffee date dress was the first dress I made from a pattern! it's definitely a good starting point. (but this watercolour one is my second CDD).
    I used the single sized pattern (34/UK size 6) and it fit me really well. I did feel really lucky how it turned out.
    I adjusted the pattern this time round because I had very limited amount of fabric available (I think I only used less than 1 metre! and also I really struggled with the ruffles the first time round (as I used some really thick fabric... the thread kept breaking!
    Does that help? I haven't used the multisized version so can't advise on the fit for that. But it may be worth starting with a commercial pattern (eg simplicity/vogue) rather than a hand drawn one? just a thought (and no offence to the CDD pattern - I love it!)


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