Friday 23 September 2011

To-do list for the weekend

Now that I have given the assembly of the dress more thought, I have jotted down what I would like to achieve this weekend.


·         Reposition the zipper so the corselette fits perfectly.
·         Test whether the bottom of the corselette should be left open.
·         Sew organza selvage onto the right side of the corselette top bias edge.
·         Decide if top layer of netting should be attached to foundation or skirt lining.
·         Implement – under structure should then be completed!
·         Decide length of lining – to consider extending the train at the side seams and to lengthen the current pattern (check if it’s been shortened) by up to 10cm (to allow for heels).
·         Decide on depth of back opening – to consider using a zip at the bottom so the opening is large enough for me to get into the dress...
·         Adjust pattern accordingly
·         Cut lining – place centre back on selvage
·         Attach garment sections of lining
·         Test fit on dress form with the understructure
·         If it’s a good fit, overcast the seams
·         Press open the seams and catchstitch

So by Sunday night I should have the understructure done (with temporary closure until much nearer the time) and the lining as well... these are ambitious plans but let's see how I get on...

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