Thursday 1 September 2011

Home-made Kindle case!

So I bought a Kindle for the bf to make his daily commute less painful, and I'd make the present more complete with a home-made case. 

Now I must point out that it was him that chose the fabric (out of my very girly stash of fabric, in his defence)... but look how pretty it is!

It was an easy job and I think it took me less than a couple of hours. Here is a quick how-to:

All you need is:
  • A small piece of fabric - some scrap from previous projects would be perfect. The size of this depends on which generation of kindle you have; 
  • A piece of cotton/other soft fabric for lining;
  • Cotton batting/wadding
  • A button.

To start, measure your kindle and calculate how much fabric you need. my fabric piece was large enough so I was able to fold it on the side instead of having to sew an extra seam (I was feeling very lazy). Don't forget to incorporate the depth of the kindle too. Add a few cm's to all sides to allow the thickness of the wadding. 

Then I attached the layers together, i.e. fashion fabric, wadding and then the lining together within the seam allowance. 

Fold the joined piece over (if you were lazy like me) so the right side of the fashion fabric is together. Sew the bottom seam and the other side leaving the top seam open.Now it should look like an inside-out case.

I then finished the top edge by a normal hem. Now if you have extra length, it may be better doing a double hem so all raw edges are concealed although the top edge may be a little bulky. 

Time to turn the case right side out! try to fit your kindle in and hopefully it'll fit snugly. 

The fastener -- I used a strip of fashion fabric and folded it lengthwise so the right sides are facing. sew the edges together leaving one edge open. Turn the strip right side out and slipstitch the raw edge.

Sew one end of the finished strip to the centre of the top edge on the inside and gauge where you want the button to be on the other side of the case. Sew the button on. 

Sew the buttonhole (I did this by machine.. and not perfectly) on the strip and you're done! 

 More photos:

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