Saturday 3 September 2011

Corselette - toile #1

I forgot to say that the wedding dress toiles had boning sewn into the lining (I used Rigilene for #1 and Spiral steel for #2 and preferred the latter) so I thought I should try to add a foundation layer, i.e. a corselette to add additional support. 

Also after trying on toile #2, I realised that I didn't like the neckline...a bit late I know! I wanted more of a sweetheart neckline so I decided to steal the bodice from Simplicity 4070 (which is what I will be using to make my bridesmaid dress)

So I have this:
But the problem is, now that the sharper angles from the neckline are gone, I cannot get the pleats/ruching to hang nicely... So I added a layer of white polycotton and started trying out different things...

See below for experiments with lace and then some shimmery organdi (which is what I happened to have to hand). Whilst I like how soft the sheer fabric ruching looks, I'm not sure how practical it will be, especially as I probably won't include the tie at the back with the lace-up... 

I will also need to add more boning to the corselette - currently there're 6, all in the seams, but I am aiming for 10+...More supplies to be ordered!


  1. u have a very awesome project. cant wait to see it finish. good luck!! :)

  2. Thank you Alviana! That makes the two of us :) I think the finished understructure really shows the silhouette of what it will look like.
    It's also quite a challenging project... I'm learning so much in the process!


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