Sunday 18 March 2012

Update - Sunday 18 March

This weekend was packed of wedding stuff! my lovely bridesmaid came round to help me with the dress, made buttonholes and I had my hair trial. Was also going to have a trial photoshoot done too but that had to be postponed as the photographer had some family things to attend to. 

So here are some photos:
 Look at that train! 

 As you can see, I haven't quite done the lace-up back yet... I have taken the side seams in by 5mm or so on each side so the side seams would align with the side of my body better (if that makes any sense at all!). Before I start messing with the lace-up back, I am going to try it out on one of the mock-up corselettes from before so I have a better idea of the shape and size of the 'V' gap at the back. 

I'm also tempted to include a bit more details at the back of the dress. After all, this is where people will spend lots of time looking at during the ceremony! Currently I'm thinking about a pretty bow which could cover the bottom of the lace-up (and the short zipper underneath that) and help with the bustle... but I'll worry about these details later! 

My tasks for the next couple of weeks include (of course I like my lists... I'm a tax accountant after all ;) ):
  • Start hand finishing seams of all layers - overcasting and catchstitching...
  • Practise lace-up back on bodice mock-up
  • Possibly hand basting some of the pleats to keep them in place;
  • Hand basting all layers together (oh yes, we decided that I'm keeping the lining layer too... so that makes it 7 layers altogether! but they are surprisingly not that bulky, phew)
  • Machine attach all layers but corselette lining whilst minding the pleats
  • Attach the corselette lining layer to the above and flip - and hope for the very best!
  • Finish the diagonal drape line
  • Insert lace-up back
  • Make up another list for the following weeks!
So quite a lot to do really! better crack on, especially as I would quite like to enter the PR April contest - RTW... more on that to follow I'm sure ;)


  1. Wow! The dress is coming along so nicely! I like the trial hairdo too.

    1. Thank you! We only tried one hairstyle as well and everyone liked it :) I've kept the up-do all day to see if it stays in place and it survived the test :D

  2. The dress is already looking really good! And I love the train!

    1. Thank you :)

      I love the train too, and I'm just hoping that it doesn't give me too much trouble when I try to bustle it!

  3. Love the train Alice - how are you finishing off the hem and what type of bustle are you planning? Looks to be a fair size train to bustle up. Should look great from behind with the lace up back- like the idea of a bow.

    1. Thank you Shas. I'm still doing research into how to finish the hem (research on PR of course!) The only thing I know is that I will use horsehair braid (and probably the wider version) and will attach the hem to the interlining layer so it doesn't show through.

      Bustle wise, again, I've not thought of it that much as yet... I think something simple (not a merringue type of thing - I can't remember what it's called!) like a one or three point bustle. but I'm sure I will keep you posted when it comes to it :)


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