Saturday 10 March 2012

Pleats finished

After some intensive sewing/pinning sessions this week, I've finished the pleats on both sides and here're a couple of photos of me holding up the outer layer (well... now it consists of 4 layers!) when wearing the foundation.

Some important decisions were made - for the right hand side (left on photos), I did a small section only which is the bit that is shown to minimise bulk. Here're some photos but I ended up cutting the section even smaller:

So I used the same pattern as that for the larger drape, but only used a small part of it. Then I stretched out the tissue paper and cut the dupion. I pleated it a thousand times to make sure that I'm happy with the shape, and hand basted it before using the dupion as a guide to cut the organza for underlining. 

Now I can finally see the finish line! There are quite a few more decisions to make as yet, eg how to finish off the skirt overlay, whether to include my silk habotai lining at all (I have 6 layers I really NEED it?), whether to have a separate closure for the corselette... decisions decisions! I'm sure I'll keep you posted with what happens! 


  1. The pleats seem perfect and you look wonderful in you dress!
    But ...maybe... 6 layers are a bit too many?! Waiting to see your decisions!

    1. Thank you Roby for the encouraging words :)

      Ha I currently have 6 layers, and potentially have 7... the main decision right now is whether to omit the 'lining layer' which is the one between the corselette/foundation and the dupion (underlined by organza) layers... I think potentially this can go... although I have already hand finished all the seams etc!

      I will keep you posted I'm sure ;)

  2. What a beautiful dress! You are doing such a great job. (I'm looking forward to seeing photos of it once you're done.)

    1. Thank you Mel! At the moment I'm just trying not to get distracted with other things (eg the RTW contest in April that I've decided to take part in!) and complete this project!

      I'll be sure to post lots of photos of the finished dress as soon as it's done (and after the honeymoon!)


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