Saturday 3 March 2012

Bouquet attempt #3

I was rather stressed last week so my lovely fiancé bought me some flowers. About a week later, I think the roses are getting towards the end of their lives so I used them to practise on my bouquet again. I think the result is better than the first two attempts, and I feel more comfortable not getting a florist now. 

Anyway here are some photos (I was trying out the different apps on my new iphone!)

 So I used 18 long stem yellow roses, about 1m long of sheer yellow ribbon, 3 bridal/lace (very thin) pins and 3 pearl headed pins. Nothing too crazy! I also had some gardening gloves (long story but I was stabbed by an evil rose prick once and was on antibiotics for a week... so wanted to protect myself) and secateurs  which came in handy. Happy to share how to do this if anyone is interested (but as there are lots of tutorials out there, I thought I won't spend too long waffling about the details). 

As compared to the last attempt, I thought the fuller flowers here worked better (note to self - the roses were about 1 week old so I should get plenty of roses about 6/7 days before the wedding) as they gave the bouquet a better shape. I'm not sure whether to use yellow or pink as yet (my other half bought me some pink roses yesterday! as he thought I may want to see if a mixed colour bouquet would work - bless him! p.s. pink and 'citrus' is our colour theme) but as you can see from the picture above, the pink ones are not quite ready yet so perhaps I will make them into bouquets next week instead :) 

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