Wednesday 6 January 2021

The Present Dress

"Why has Mummy turned into a present?" Exclaimed my 2 year-old daughter as I emerged with my newly sewn Ruska Knot Dress.
named clothing ruska knot dress
I'm not sure which way to take this really. Perhaps I should be pleased that the knot, which is the great design feature of this dress, was exactly that, a great feature, and one that's instantly noticeable. Or could this be that Freya had too many presents to open at Christmas, so much so that everything looks like a present now?

Anyway, Happy New Year, my dear readers. I do hope that 2021 turns out to be a better year for everyone! 

I'm starting 2021 with my very own Ruska Knot dress, from the Breaking Pattern book by Named Clothing. Read how I downloaded the pattern for free (hint, check out Love Sewing Magazine website), and how I altered and constructed it without instructions on Minerva :)


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