Saturday 22 February 2020

Floral culottes

To me, sewing sometimes means stepping out of my comfort zone. After living in pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly clothes for almost 2 years, I was ready to embrace the loose fitting/casual chic trend by making some culottes. 
McCalls 7133 Culottes Floral Chambray
My blog post on this little number (and the cropped linen top) is live today on the Minerva blog! Go check it out! 
This jazzy pair of culottes has got quite a lot of wear already (and they work a treat with my boxy top, too). The only regret that I have is not adding pockets to them. Maybe next time!


  1. They look so cool and breezy! That's not England in the winter, though, is it? I might have to move there if so...

    1. Haha, sadly not. There was quite a lead time for the Minerva Maker posts, so this was actually taken last summer! These culottes have now been tried and tested on a few winter sun trips - and I absolutely love them!


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