Sunday 8 February 2015

Back from holiday giveaway!

Hello my dear readers, I am back from my holiday, and I have a quick giveaway for you to cheer us all up! 

I bought issue 10 of Love Sewing magazine when I came back to sooth my post-holiday blues. The holiday blues were pretty bad this time, I must admit, as I came back from the beautiful and sunny Grenada and SVG, and as soon as view of the UK emerged from the clouds, we were greeted by snow :( 

This seems a long time ago now... (It was Sandy Island, where we spent a day and overnight enjoying the beach and wonderful snorkelling). 

Anyway, within the magazine pack there is a pattern from Simply Sews -- it is a pencil skirt pattern, in UK size 8-16. I really like the look of it, but as the odds of me actually making it is pretty slim (I have enough skirts, plus the pattern will need grading down in size), I thought maybe one of my lovely readers might treasure and make use of it more :)

Here it is:

All you need to do if you would like to take this pattern off my hands is to leave a comment to this post. Entries will close on Sunday 22nd Feb (midnight GMT) and the winner will be selected at random. I'm happy to post this worldwide. 

Good luck! 

Let me leave you with a few more holiday snaps. Good times! 
The water really is this colour. We stayed for 2 days and 2 nights in Tobago Cays! Possibly the most special place we've ever been to on earth. 

My snorkelling and swimming skills benefited so much from this trip - it helps when there are colourful fishes, huge turtles and interesting corals to look at. 
An iguana chilling in the tree of an inhabited island. 

And some hard-core hiking, too! We actually walked past a few abandoned flipflops along the way...! 

Have a good week everyone! And good luck with the giveway :D


  1. Me! Me! Choose me! I absolutely love the bow detail!

  2. Me! Me! Choose me! I absolutely love the bow detail!

  3. Thanks for offering the giveaway! Your trip looks AMAZING

  4. Welcome back! Haha, who wouldn't prefer being in paradise? Though to me in Australia snowy England sounds wonderful - we always want what we don't have! That skirt looks adorable too! Thank you for being awesome :-)

  5. I'm looking out the window and the sky looks as blue as in your pics.... :) I hope your winter is short and mild!

  6. These pictures make me long for a good swim! Thank you for the skirt pattern- it is has a nice variation of the classic pencil skirt!

  7. Oooo love the skirt pattern - very classy!

  8. choose me please. Thanks.

  9. HI Alice! Thank you for the giveaway. It's very difficult to get sewing patterns here in Singapore. I would be extremely grateful if I could win this really cute skirt pattern! :)

  10. Would love to try this - thanks so much for this giveaway!

  11. Wow, what photographs!

    t_ktl at

  12. That looks like a lovely place to go on holiday. I can imagine the shock when you saw snow back at home. The skirt pattern is is really cute, I love that bow.

  13. I want to go on vacation! Looks like a great pattern, and I need a pencil skirt...


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