Friday 30 August 2013

Kollabora - do you use/recommend it?

I was doing some research on new Simplicity patterns (did you know that Simplicity is having a half price sale till mid-September - at least in the UK by its main distributors it seems), and came across a site called Kollabora. I think it's another online community for the crafty kind, but I was 1) surprised that I hadn't come across it until now, and 2) quite liking its design and layout, and how the beautiful photos really stand out on the site.

Before I go ahead and register with it though, may I ask:

Have you come across it? Do you already use it? And if so, would you recommend it? 


  1. I've signed up for it, but I can't say that I've used it yet. I always just feel like it's too much effort to upload pictures again, come up with a witty name, etc. so I'm not very good at utilizing them (lazy, I guess?). You might find you like it though, since it's got crafty stuff of all kinds, and I like the idea that you can buy some of the supplies used on certain projects (I'm always jealous of other people's fabrics!)

    I'd probably be more inclined to use it if it had an option that you could sync from your blog or something. KWIM?

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I do share your point about uploading projects... I already use Burdastyle and PR, so that's why I'm a little sceptical about signing up to that, too.

      I didn't realise that you could buy supplies via that site, though, and I like the sound of that feature!

      It would be great if we could sync from the blog to other sites - that must be the future... surely?


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