Monday 22 July 2013

Tutorial: make your own dropped waist dress!

Would you like to make your own dropped waist dress? It was very simple indeed! Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Find a dress pattern that you like, preferably a princess seamed one (as darts may be harder to shorten) without a waistline seam. If you are struggling, perhaps give Simplicity 2146 a go? I would recommend using a tried and tested/toiled pattern for this, as you know how well it fits and how long the finished length is. 

2. Determine where you want the "dropped waist" to be on your body.

3. Shorten the pattern pieces accordingly, remembering to leave the length for the seam allowance. If in doubt, leave longer rather than shorter. 

4. Make up the short dress/long bodice according to the altered pattern from step 3, without inserting the zipper. 

5. Cut out a rectangle for the skirt piece – the size for this will depend on how long and how full you want the dress to be. For reference, my rectangle was 150cm x 30cm, but do bear in mind that I'm quiet short - you are likely to need a wider piece. 

6. Gather the long edge of the rectangle evenly to fit the bottom of the long bodice from step 4. 

7. Attach 4 and 6 with right sides together for the full length, leaving the centre back seams open.

8. Insert zipper - I used a lapped zipper, but you are free to pick your own! 

And that’s it! You’ll have your very own dropped waist dress! Do feel free to shout if you have any questions!


  1. This little dress is perfect for you :)

  2. I have just found your tutorial when looking on Google for instructions on invisible zips and you have a lovely page. You have given me the incentive to get cracking again with my sewing so will be watching your page for ideas.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Beverley! I'm glad you like the blog, and best of luck with your sewing adventures! It must be exciting to start again after a break :)

  3. I love this dress. It really suits you too. The fabric is gorgeous!!! Keep up this amazing work :) xx

    1. Thank you my dear (and sorry for my very tardy response!) x


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