Wednesday 17 April 2013

Honeymoon round-up -- Part 2 -- Hawaii and San Francisco


We spent second part of our honeymoon in the beautiful island of Maui, a pure paradise! After two very average flights from NYC to LA, then to Maui, with United Airlines (which made us remember very fondly of our experience in the upgraded Virgin upper class cabin), my highlights in Maui were:
  • Sea kayaking -- we were lucky that nobody else booked Brice for that morning, so it was just the three of us in the middle of the very calm ocean! We saw two huge (fully-grown, apparently) turtles next to us
  • Road to Hana - seeing the beautiful waterfalls, and being able to purchase fruit directly from the farmers
  • Hiking down (and back up!) the Haleakala volcano crater at >10,000 feet (>3000 metres) above see level. It was spectacular, and different from anything that I have seen in my life
  • Whale-watching and actually seeing 3 whales - a baby, a mum, and mum's boyfriend!
  • Enjoying a very relaxing massage, with wind blowing and birds singing in the background - it sounds just like one of those CDs with relaxing background music!
  • Drinking coconut water, and convincing a coconut sweet making dude into selling us a coconut for drinking
  • Snorkelling and seeing all the colourful tropical fish! 
  • The stunning beaches, and the lovely, warm sun.... I can still just about feel it... 

On our way back to the UK, we spent a day and a half in the compact San Fran, too. Although we were both jetlagged and had been overfed constantly, we had a lovely time. Taking the cable car and walking the Golden Gate Bridge was very enjoyable indeed. 

Until next time, my dear readers, aloooooooha! 


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