Thursday 29 October 2020

Leopard print matching joggers

There are few things in life that make me happier than twinning with Freya with me-made outfits. Naturally, lockdown called for more lounge wear, so a few pairs of leopard print joggers are in order. 
Guys, these are some of my favourite makes to date. The only thing that I kind of regret is not adding knee patches to my pair, because they are so adorable! 

I used the tried and tested Papercut Anima (tweaking for a couple of things) for my pair, and the amazing Mini Modern Joggers by Brindille & Twig for Freya. In fact, I enjoyed making Freya's pair so much so that I made another contrast pair from the remnant! 3 pairs of joggers in 1 metre each of the plain maroon and leopard French Terry, plus 0.5m of matching ribbing. Can you get more efficient than that! Warning - DO not try this at home, at least without lots of time spent planning first! In all honestly, I ended up with absolutely zero remnant of the French Terry, and just a bit of the ribbing. So much to love about this project! 
There are lots more details over on the Flamingo Fabrics blog - pop over to find out my review of the Mini Modern Joggers pattern, the changes I made to my second pair of Anima, and alternative patterns to consider. Enjoy! 

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