Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Everywhere Dress (Ellie and Mac)

I'm not kidding when I told you that my sew-jo is back. I am on a roll! Freya was in need of more all-weather dresses, and I even tried out a new pattern designer this time. 

This is the Everywhere Dress by Ellie and Mac, and it is so so adorable! 
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress
I only discovered Ellie and Mac (EAM) recently, and they are a PDF only designer. I must admit that I was first drawn in by their Wacky Wednesday offer, where selected patterns go on sale for the grand total of $1 every Wednesday! Yep, you read that right! They are practically free!! I took a gamble, and am so pleased that I did. The rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays, waiting for Wacky Wednesday has become a bit of a ritual, and I'm a proud owner of a few EAM patterns now! 

During the "lockdown" period, EAM is running Wacky Wednesday all week long! Check out the $1 patterns that are currently on, and the selection changes each Monday. 
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress
The Everywhere Dress was a no-brainer when it came on sale one Wednesday. I loved everything about it: the colour blocking, the pockets, and even different sleeve length. The sizing also covers a whopping 12 months to 14 years (which will actually be too big for me, though there is a matching adult version available in any case). I see opportunities for more twinning :D

Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress
I chose the curved bodice, 3/4 sleeves (any opportunity to show off the rolls), and heart-shaped pockets. Since Freya is almost 20 months (and heading well and truly towards the Terrible Two), I made a size 2T.
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress Seams Neckline
Feel free to swoon over the seaming here ;) I was pretty pleased with myself!  

I went for muted tones here. I used the beautiful Nordic Forest jersey from my stash (from Flamingo Fabrics, sold out online) and contrasted it with some dusty mauve jersey that I bought especially for this purpose. 
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress Pockets
I made 3 small changes to the pattern. First, I fully lined the bodice instead of making a facing, because I prefer the neater finish, and the incremental fabric usage was not huge. Facing or lining, I love the neat neckline. Whilst I don't mind the band that most often features knit patterns, this alternative woven-like finish does look less casual. 

Secondly, I widened the neck opening slightly by simply trimming off a slightly wider seam allowance on the overlocker after stay stitching with the sewing machine first. This is based on some of the reviews that I read, and to avoid stretching the neckline out of shape during dressing and undressing. It worked a treat, though I think you would also be ok to sew the pattern up as it is.   

Thirdly, I skipped the interfacing for the pockets. I didn't have any knit interfacing to hand, so didn't bother! 
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress
Despite all the details, this dress was surprisingly quick to make. The instructions were great, and there is even a video on Youtube walking you through all the steps if you are a virtual learner. 
Ellie Mac Everywhere Dress
As a final remark, the Everyday Dress really does live up to its name -- a comfortable and chic dress that can literally be worn everywhere. I see many more of these dresses for Freya in the future!


  1. Your little girl is so adorable in the dress you made. She looks pretty warm in it with leggings. I ll have to pick up my needles and thread again after reading your blog

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's the beauty of this dress - on cooler days, she could add tights and a cardigan, and on warmer days, it is great on its own. So pleased we could help you get your sewjo back :D


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