Sunday 19 November 2017

Vintage maxi skirt in Balinese rayon batik

Hey guys! I have an exciting project to share with you today. Hubby and I came back from the beautiful island of Fuerteventura earlier this week, where we enjoyed a much needed relaxing break. 

Although my holiday wardrobe is already full of handmade outfits (what can I say? I have a soft spot for holidays and holiday sewing), I couldn't resist but squeezing in a little project before we set off.  
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik
And it was a maxi skirt! Remember my first ever maxi skirt, ever? This is a prime example of how sewing has changed my life. Until 3 years or so ago, I had never owned a maxi skirt, because I thought that us petite ladies couldn't pull off the maxi look. This was not helped by the fact that most of the maxi skirts that I dared to try on in shops were dragging on the floor, unless I put on heels that I was not able to walk in. Yet here I am, feeling great in a flowy maxi that I made ;) 
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik

Yep, I was feeling proud ;)

The fabric is an amazingly soft piece of rayon batik, from my Bali trip last year. I loved the bright colours, and the different layers of dye, and knew instantly that I wanted to turn it into a maxi skirt. 
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik

If this skirt looks familar, it is because I used the same pattern as the one for the first maxi, Vintage Butterick 5884. I did make a few changes though, following all the great advice received to my bumpy side zipper problem:

  • I cut it on the grain, rather than on the bias. The fabric is really soft and drapey, so I didn't want it stretching out of shape;
  • As a result, I cut the front piece on the fold, rather than sewing together 2 pieces at the centre front; 
  • Specifically to prevent the zipper issue, I took the belt and braces approach by:

    1. Moving the side zip to the centre back, where there is less of a natural curvature;
    2. Interfacing the seam allowance;
    3. Handpicking the zipper.  

And if I may say so myself, it worked perfectly! 
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik

Here's a close-up of the handpicked centre back zip: 

Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik handpicked zipper

On the topic of finishing touches, I also finished the side seams with French seams, and also hand stitched the hem.  
Vintage Butterick 5884 maxi skirt batik hem

P.S. rolling it up really helped minimise the creasing when it was packed in my suitcase. Who wants to be ironing on holiday? 

I'm absolutely in love with this maxi skirt. It's the perfect holiday skirt. 

Let me finish this post by showing you a completely different side of Fuerteventura. It is one of the best places in Europe for stargazing, so I'll leave you with a view of the stunning night sky. 


  1. What a beautiful skirt. The hand stitching makes it even more special. Love that last photo-breathtaking.

    1. Thank you! It was one of those projects that just turned out exactly how I wanted :)

  2. I love your skirt! And that last picture is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Natasha! I can't wait to wear the skirt again on my next vacation :D


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