Sunday 28 December 2014

2014 round-up

Oh guys, what a year! That's right, it's time to reflect on the year which is almost behind us. I know that some of you particularly enjoy posts like this, but equally some of you may not, but I wanted to do this for me, so that I can take stock of the good and the bad, and plan my sewing for the following year. 

As you know, this has been a year full of change for me. I changed jobs, and moved house, and as a result spent quite a lot of my spare time renovating the new house. Now, having been in the not so new job and house for almost 9 months, I feel very content, and glad that I took the plunge. 

Despite this, I was happy to find that I have managed a total of 17 sewing projects this year, 14 of which for me to wear, 1 for the hubby to wear (a pair of PJs, not yet blogged) and the other 2 non-wearables as gifts for others. Averaging more than one project a month is fine with me :)

I started the year by making a Vintage Sewing Pledge, and man did that make a difference! I tried out 4 vintage patterns, plus one from the Burdastyle Vintage Modern book, and made 7 projects using these! I've come across issues, and learned a lot from the process, but ultimately I'm grateful of Marie's wonderful idea. 

This wasn't the only "social" sewing that I have done this year. I took part in the Mad Men Challenge yet again, and have also squeezed in Sew Dolly Clackett

With hindsight, I am quite pleased with the variety of sewing projects that I have done, and also that I have stepped out of my comfort zone a few times. I tried out a jacket before spring was here, and finished the year off with a winter coat; I made 2 maxi skirts (I couldn't even see my comfort zone then!), 2 wedding guest outfits, as well as a dressing gown; what else? I finally tried sewing with knits, and there will certainly be more to come in 2015. 

What's in store for 2015? 

1) Definitely more projects with jersey. Although I've started tapping into this new territory, I'm ready to try a few new things with my overlocker. Goodness knows how many pieces of jersey and sewing with knit patterns I've got in my stash! 

2) A few skirts. Looking back I realised that I haven't made any non-maxi skirt this year! And shamefully there is one skirt that I have already had all the pieces cut out, but never got round to assembling it. So I will definitely make more time for skirts. 

3) Some social sewing still. I'd like to participate in the Mad Men challenge again, if there is one coming up, and also Me-Made-May! The latter is something that I have wanted to take part in in so long, but a few things had got in the way. I have a feeling that 2015 is the year. 

4) I have a few more ideas for the blog. In theory I'd quite like to host a sew-along (not sure yet if I'm quite ready for that yet), and maybe write a little bit more than simply sharing projects. I'm thinking about running a series about my sewing stumbling blocks/nemeses/"turn-offs", because I can already think of a few. These are just ideas for now, but I would like to introduce a new element to the blog in the coming year. 

I'll finish this post by naming three of my favourite makes this year:

Cheap as chips top

Vintage Vogue 1137

Navy wool coat

Based on the above (and my projects this year indeed), I am terribly fond of all shades of blue :) This is no surprise to me, but I will also try to use more colours next year. 

May 2015 bring us wonderful sewing inspirations and projects. Happy sewing everyone, and Happy New Year! 


  1. I love the dress. Well done on all you have accomplished in the last year. :)

  2. That navy wool coat is adorable! My gosh, so much inspiration to sew a coat now. I'm a big fan of blue too, it's not too in your face but not boring at the same time either, you know? So no harm done there. :)

    1. Thank you Haylee! Yes, there are so many different tones of blue, too, so that also helps :)


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