Monday 6 May 2013

Navy work skirt - McCalls 3830 v1

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and for those in the UK, a fantastic long weekend in the sun! I feel so much better now after my post last week re our lack of Labour Day celebration (but hey, I did attempt to cheer you up with a GIVEAWAY - which is still open till this Saturday - be quick!), getting a bit of sunshine, and an extra day off today :) 

My first version of the very popular McCalls 3830 skirt in navy, and (almost) straight from the envelope! 

This was supposed to be a toile, which I made from a lovely piece of suiting from my Walthamstowe trip last year, which was all purchased for £1.50 per metre!!! (I have no idea what material it is, but it's soft and drapes beautifully.) However, as the fit worked just fine, with no adjustment needed, and not to mention the fact that I love the fabric, I decided to finish off the skirt and wore it to work!

I said that it was "(almost)" straight out of the envelope, because I did scale the pattern down to a size 4 for view E. But other than that, it worked a treat. 

I liked the shape of the skirt, but as I wanted a formal-ish looking work skirt (as part of my grand plan to make more "everyday" clothes), I did quiet a narrow hem so that it finished not too much above the knees (version E is really quite short if I did the hem that was suggested). 

I did feel that a waistband is sort of missing, so I have added one to my version 2 (yep, you read that right, I have already done a version 2 - thank you Bank Holiday!). Also, as I didn't line this version (the pattern does not call for lining), it does have a slight tendency for the skirt to stick to the tights. No biggie though - it's not stopping me from liking this simple little skirt!


  1. Wow the fit is great. (Also I am a bit jealous of your pretty tree. It makes me realise I need to go out and do some work in my garden!)

    1. Hah Helen, this is actually the most low-maintenance tree in my garden :D

  2. Cute! This looks great on you!

  3. I did this skirt on my first sewing class. When I attached the waistband, I realised it was shorter than the top edge of the skirt and the instruction calls for easing on the skirt. The whole piece ended up a bit tight. However, the easing makes a better shape.

  4. hi. thanks for your great blog! I am making this skirt as a returning sewer - it had been a number of years since I took classes - and re-learning now on my own. Fun! But there are a few things that stump me. For example, the facing on this skirt is so round. Are you meant to fit it and then cut in curves? I made it a bit straighter... I was not clear on how it would work otherwise. The instructions on the *big 4* patterns are so minimal. Thanks for the help!! And your excellent blog!



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