Friday 27 July 2012

Pre-wedding update - BM dress

2 sleeps to go! 

Thankfully I have finally finished the bridesmaid's dress today (would you believe it? this last minute? it's really not my style) so thought I would share some photos with you before my lovely bridesmaid wears it on the big day and takes the dress away with her!

The zip closed - it's a pink silk dupion dress with a yellow zip, and it will be worn with a lemony yellow ribbon. 
 The (contrasting) bodice lining with the waist stay inserted
 Hand finished zip between the layers. 

 Very wide hem! I had to shorten the dress by a rather lot, but I was too fearful to cut it short at this late stage (especially as I had hand overcasted the bottom of the dress already). I had to include "ruffles" for the hem so that the fullness is distributed evenly. 
Some non-sewing related sneaky peeks of the sweets jars (centrepieces) and our wine classes for the big day:

 for the top table

See you after the wedding! I'll have so much to upload then, from the wedding day and the mini-moon! 


  1. Really last minute!!!
    I just read your post and your wedding already took place! I'm so happy for you!
    Waiting for pictures!


    1. Thank you RobyGiup. Yep I have a husband now :D
      The whole day went perfectly and I can't wait to see and upload the photos!


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