Sunday 24 June 2012

Spot the Queen!

OK, so this post isn't anything to do with sewing but since I had a wonderful weekend, I thought I would brag/blog all about it. 

The AMAZING hen do

I had my hen do on Saturday - and it was perfect in every way! I do, officially, have the BEST bridesmaids ever. We spent our afternoon at the Royal Ascot and we picnicced (I'm assuming this is a word, although the spell check disagrees), ate colourful macaroons, drunk (white and pink) champagne and gambled. Did I mention that it was absolutely perfect?

Look at how classy it was! Everything was colour-coordinated in accordance with our pink and yellow wedding colour theme (there are yellow napkins hidden under the baguettes), including the corsages on our wrists!

And... well, there was the Royal Procession where the Queen made her entrance to the races. Having just passed my Life in the UK Test the day before (don't ask) and with it being my first time at the Royal Ascot (and coming anywhere near the royal family), I thought I'd join the British spirit and wait for the Royal Procession to go past in the rain. So, through layers and layers of people and umbrellas, with my phone without any ability of optical zoom, I managed to snap this very special picture and now have the pleasure of sharing it with you all:

So now - can you Spot the Queen??? Do you need any clues? 

It was such an amazing day - I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Plus I was £2.01 up after all that research on the horses! In fact, I was still so excited when I went to bed that it took me a little while to fall asleep. Thank you so much again to my fantastic bridesmaids and also to everyone who came :D

My glass creations

My fianc√© and I did a 3-hour glass fusing class last Saturday (try reading this sentence out loud?) and our works of art have now been "cooked". We each made a suncatcher and a set of cufflinks and here are a couple of pictures of my creations:

The suncatcher

 The cufflinks
Considering that this was the first time we learned handling and cutting glass, and we had 3 hours to design, practice and make it all, I am very proud of the result :) That said, I think I'm going to stick with sewing as my main "crafty hobby", at least for now...

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