Wednesday 26 October 2011

Progress report - Tues 26 Oct

Last weekend I finally cut into the white silk dupion and organza (for underlining)! I cut up all the pieces and have started to hand-baste the layers, and overcasting the seams... it's of course taking ages...

Have also (sort of) decided on the details for the bodice... finally... (until I change my mind again I'm sure). I will probably have pleated/ruched dupion at the top of the bodice (underlined) and a band going across the empire line potentially along with a little bow... 


  1. Hi Alice! I've been absent from PatternReview, but I read your blog on my GoogleReader. I just wanted to say that if you are getting sick of overcasting, you could consider a faster option. I have to say that if I were to make my wedding gown again, I would pink my seam allowances and then catch-stitch them to the underlining. Just as low-profile as overcasting, or even more so, and just as invisible, considering that your dress will be lined. I spent dozens and dozens of hours overcasting; the catch-stitching by hand goes much more quickly and benefits the look and wearing ease of the final garment, so I would still do that if I were making my gown again.

  2. Hello!Thank you for reading my blog:) I bet reading it brings back lots of memory for you!
    You're right, I'm not looking forward to overcasting... (although I have managed to get my OH involved... only with the pieces where he can't make out the shape though)
    That said, I would be slightly worried about pinking the seam allowances though as the dupion is fraying as we speak... I'm even concerned sometimes that overcasting the seams won't do the trip...
    I'm planning on catch-stitching too - although I do have a question. Did you catch-stitch your fashion fabric layer (together with the underlining) and stitched it to the underlining only, i.e. not going though the dupion layer? I am using really fine silk thread (for hand sewing)but would it show through the furthermost layer at all?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi! Sorry I'm so slow to reply...I overcasted to the underlining only. The beauty of underlining! If you did it through to the outer layer you wouldn't see the thread, but you would see dimples where the stitches are, in all likelihood. Hope all is going well!

  4. Hello, thank you for your reply:) I'm pretty much done with overcasting!!! just about staying sane... I've only gone round once though but as the stitches are pretty close together I don't see the need to go round the pieces again from the opposite direction.

    Will do a progress update soon once I've reached the next milestone...


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