Saturday 21 April 2012

A girl can dream

OK, so I've promised myself to prioritise my wedding dress, which means no other projects/distractions before I finish it... and yes, I am going to stick to it! 

But, who said anything about not daydreaming about making other things? ;)

So, to ensure that I'm not going to suddenly go mad at all my patterns and fabric stash, I thought I'd do a "pipeline" report and indulge in some daydreaming... 

I would love the make this now...
A peplum dress! Of course! What else could it possibly be? After the SS12 runway? 

This is the Project Runway Simplicity 2282, I just love the versatility of this pattern! The peplum is subtle, which makes it easy to wear on a dress down Friday! 

This is the fabric that I'm going to use:

After the casual peplum dress, I thought I'd give myself a break by making the Sorbetto top. I've already downloaded the pattern, and found 2 bits of scrap viscose that are the current contenders for the top - almost ready to go! 

Here are the lovely and soft bits of viscose:

I think both would make lovely tops! I have already purchased pink and bronze coloured bias tape... very excited! 

Once I've chosen the fabric for the Sorbetto top, I am planning on using the other one for New Look 6965. 

Another simple top, another perfect pattern for using up scrap! Not to get even more ahead of myself or anything... but I can already see a summer where I can wear lots of comfy homemade tops and dresses!

As I can't keep indulging myself forever, I am going to have to make this the last top priority project that I shall share with you in this post. It is...
Having read so many great reviews for this pattern, I can't wait to have a go at it myself! I have some lightweight cotton poplin that I'm planning on using (we all know what that looks like, so I'm not going to bore you with a picture here). 

Ah oh... I just thought of one more! It's off the runway, by Jason Wu... need I say more?
Of course, it's THE peplum for 2012! I'm planning on using the scrap from my wedding dress for the bodice - it may not be as white as the dress in the picture, it would certainly make it very special! I've bought some polyester satin for the skirt (and acetate satin in fact - but I didn't think the acetate satin had the right hand for this - it was a little too stiff and far to easy to crease! any ideas of using it for anything else?) and some faux silk lining for the skirt... 

Oh the anticipation! 

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