Thursday 20 September 2012

Vogue 8278 pullover dress

As the summer is swiftly leaving us for yet another year, I felt the urgency to squeeze in just one more summery project before autumn sets in. So I picked a pattern labelled as very easy, and gave it a go. 

It is something a little different from what I usually make -- it is a loose pullover dress, Vogue 8278. It is indeed very easy! The dress is made of 1 front, and 2 back pieces, plus a few bits of facing and the belt - this was exactly what I hoped for, a very quick project. 

I actually bought this pattern with a particular piece of fabric in mind - a while ago I bought a few metres of lovely printed silk habotai from Walthamstowe (at £5 a metre! and yep, from the stall in front of Sainsburys on a Saturday! Go go go!) but I wanted to test out the fit first with some less precious fabric from my stash instead. 

So I ended up using a super soft viscose, having the plan in mind that if it didn't work out, it would be comfortable enough to be worn as my PJ ;-)  Don't you think it would make a lovely PJ without the belt? 

I didn't make too many alterations - just a SBA (tutorial to follow!), a small waist adjustment and a petite adjustment (I didn't shorten it by the full amount, based on the reviews that I've read, but as I generally prefer the skirt to be finish above my knees, I think I will shorten it more for my next version) . I also ended up shortening the belt by a couple of inches, just so that the bow stays up nicely. 

Do I like it? Hmmmm I am not sure! I certainly love how soft the fabric is, but I am unsure about the loose fit. I think it is a little too blousy on me, and it may not be the most flattering silhouette for my shape. Being a pullover dress, of course there is a lot of excess fabric around the waist, but I suppose the belt does a reasonable job. I also cannot think of when I can wear this - to me, the belt makes is a little less casual, but the shape of the dress is too casual... What do you think, my dear readers? 


  1. I think it's lovely! I like the fabric and the color belt you chose. Perfect for a brunch, perhaps? The style seems to work well for you when cinched in by the belt. I do see a smidge of excess fabric on the side just above the belt (only because I'm focusing on the shape - most people won't notice). If that's what bothers you, perhaps you could pinch a little out at the seam or just redistribute the excess when you tie on the sash?

    Very cute end-of-summer dress :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I like your idea about trying to take it in a bit more at the side seams - perhaps I'll try that. This is sort of a wearable toile I suppose so I'll play around a bit more with it.

      I'm glad you like it :)

  2. This seems like a great dress for kicking around-- say, Saturdays at the farmer's market, or running errands when you don't want to be dressed up, but you don't want to look like a slob.

    1. Yes, it's definitely weekend wear material... and I think we'll have quite a few months to think of some good use for it, until next summer!

  3. I love the dress fabric, have you tried a narrower belt? The pattern sash is quite large and you are tiny.
    I also have this pattern in my stash!

    1. Thank you Lizzy! I love the fabric too, it's sooo soft. I bought this from Beijing last time I was there :)

      A narrower belt sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I'll try a leather belt and see how that goes!


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